Under this project we hope to recreate the culture, character and craft of citizenship engagement among the people in order to ensure genuine societal transformation that comes through people-initiated change, in collective action of social responsiveness. This will be achieved through two actions namely, citizenship education and participatory governance outreach.




Goal: To educate and empower citizens of Nigeria for community engagement and leadership in order to strengthen Nigeria’s democracy, build just structures, reduce the rate of corruption in Nigerian society and work for peace among different ethnic and religious communities in Nigeria


Objectives: To develop and deliver education curricular for teaching and implementing citizenship participation in various stages of education; to organize network building to leverage community capacity for engaging in the various governance processes. To improve the participation of average Nigerians in the daily governance of their society and development, in this way, ensure a responsible government and peoples’ ownership of development projects. It addresses all the indices of the effects of bad governance and other related issues impeding the development of the people and society.

Means: It is hoped to work through Nigerian federal and state educational systems to reintroduce civic engagement into the curricula of different stages of education in the country.  For the outreach network, it will start with an identified local community and government and from there reach out to the other communities within the country.